Philinopsis pilsbryi (Eliot, 1900) [Doridium]

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Philinopsis pilsbryi can be easily identified by its colour pattern.The background colour is translucent white/tan with a pattern of black reticulate lines. In some specimens the lines are relatively thin. Let me quote Bill Rudman: "The colour pattern though is very variable and runs through to animals which could best be described as being black dorsally with white spots."
Gary Cobb's message at the SSF shows ten of the variants!
Pretty similar are Philinopsis reticulata which has blue markings on the inside edge of the anterior part of the parapodia and along the outer edge of the parapodia and Philinopsis cf. reticulata which has very little blue markings at the postorior end of the parapodia. Its body colour is whitish with a brown reticulate pattern.
Species of Philinopsis are usually found burrowing through sand or mud.
This shot shows a pretty dark variant of Philinopsis pilsbryi, as mentioned by Bill Ruddman.
More information on Philinopsis pilsbryi are on Bill Rudman's Sea Slug Forum!
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