Philine orientalis  A. Adams, 1855

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Philine orientalis is a flattened species with a frosted white body. The parapodia are large flattened muscular structures which give the body a flattened, stiff, wedge-like shape, making it very efficient burrower. It has a bright white internal shell.
This species wasn't well described by A.Adams (1855) from the 'eastern seas'. Let me quote the redescription of it by Price et al. (2011), page 31:
"External morphology: The living animal is uniformly white (Figure 2E) and approximately 2.5-4cm in length. The cephalic shield is longer than the posterior shield, and the parapodial lobes are thick and muscular (Figures 25A, 26 A). A notch may be present or absent on the posterior shield but seems to be absent in poorly preserved specimens."
Very similar is Philine paucipapillata  Price, Gosliner & Valdés, 2011 also from the Indo-Pacific region, which differs only internal by the penial papilla and by "the undulating denticular margin on the masticatory border of the inner lateral teeth" Price et al. (2011) .
A junior synonym of this species is Philine argentata  Gould, 1859.
Philine orientalis has been reported from Japan, Malaysia, the Philippines, and had recently been introduced to California, USA.
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