Liloa curta (A. Adams in Sowerby, 1850) [Bulla]

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Liloa curta is characterized by a thin, transparent, cylindrical shell with fine, evenly-spaced spiral striae. The animal is translucent-cream flecked with white and violet-brown. It almost always has a cluster of violet-brown flecks on top of its head behind the head shield.
Some authors list it as Atys curta, my Latin knowledge is very poor, I know that Atys refers to an ancient king of Greece, so it should be masculine, I dont know if the female -a ending is correct or if that name should be curtus or curtum.
The pictures #1 and #2 were posted on 13 July 2004 at these website as Liloa sp. A Genus: Pilsbry, 1921, the specimen of picture #3 was identified by Clay Carlson, thanks!
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