Haminoea sp. 02  Genus: Turton & Kingston in Carrington, 1830

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Haminoea sp. 02 is characterized by its translucent body densely covered with rounded orange spots, some of the larger spots are surrounded by opaque white, looking like fried eggs.
This species looks like Haminoea sp. 1 in IPN at page 26.
All of these species have orange spots of various sizes and are very similar:
Haminoea sp. 01 which differs by its additional greenish-yellow, black and purple spots, none of them is surrounded by opaque white
Lamprohaminoea evelinae which has a white appearance and large orange spots.
Lamprohaminoea ovalis which differs by its additional rounded black and purple spots,
Lamprohaminoea cymbalum which differs by broad orange bands and spots surrounded by opaque white.
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