Chelidonura sp. 03  Genus: A. Adams, 1850

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This is an undescribed species of the genus Chelidonura, or possibly a colour variant of Chelidonura sandrana.
I call it Chelidonura sp. 03 to distinguish it from other species of Chelidonura. It has a black background colour and is densely covered with irregular white spots, the are also a few yellowish-orange spots. There is a translucent whitish band across the head-shield.
Very similar are
Chelidonura sp. 01 which is completely black
Chelidonura sp. 02 which has a broad opaque white band white band across the head-shield,
Chelidonura alexisi which is densely covered with minute white spots.
Chelidonura sp. 03 is possibly a colour variant of Chelidonura sandrana or of Chelidonura tsurugensis.
I received on 02 August 2012 an email telling that a PhD student from Mexico (Andrea Zamora) and Manuel Malaquias are working in Bergen on a worldwide revision of the genus Chelidonura, hopefully some of the problems (colour variant or not) will be solved.
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