Chelidonura sandrana  Rudman, 1973

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Chelidonura sandrana is a highly variable species, usually black with white and orange dots, the latter may be surrounded by opaque white. In some specimens the opaque white can cover almost the whole body, there are also complete black specimens reported, some scientist guess a synonymy of it with Chelidonura tsurugensis Baba & Abe 1959, (in IPN as Chelidonura tsuruganus) which is characterized by an opaque white marking at the anterior edge of the head-shield on each side.
Possible colour variants are Chelidonura sp. 01, Chelidonura sp. 02, and Chelidonura sp. 03.
I received on 02 August 2012 an email telling that a PhD student from Mexico (Andrea Zamora) and Manuel Malaquias are working in Bergen on a worldwide revision of the genus Chelidonura, hopefully some of the problems (colour variant or not) will be solved.
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Many pictures of colour variants are at NUDIPIXEL!
Pretty similar are:
Chelidonura alexisi which lacks the white marking on the head, and differs by minute white spots,
Chelidonura fulvipunctata which differs by white "W"-shaped mark on the head and
Mariaglaja inornata which differs by a broad white band across the front of the head-shield with a yellow or orange edge to the antero-lateral lobes, and
has the minute white spots only over the outer surface of the parapodia.
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