Aplysia sp. 01  Genus: Linnaeus, 1767

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This 3 mm juvenile specimen was misidentified and posted on 21 July 2011 at these websites as Aplysia parvula  Mörch, 1863,
Dr. Richard C. Willan identified it on 17 May 2017: "The specimen is a juvenile of some other Aplysia sp. Just call it Aplysia sp."
I did not know, that Aplysia grows the oral tentacles first, that is why the eye spots look somehow misplaced, the rhinophores grow later behind the eye spots.
Many pictures of Aplysia parvula  Mörch, 1863 starting with 1.5 mm over 2 mm and 3.8 mm etc. are at Sea Slugs of Hawai'i, and the GALLERY, the 4 mm specimen has already small rhinophores!
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