Palliohedyle weberi (Bergh, 1895) [Hedyle]

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Palliohedyle weberi is according to Wikipedia a brackish waters species, the above specimen was found in the Cagayan river, Northern Mindanao, maybe fresh water. It was identified by the expert Dr. Timea Neusser, Munich, Germany with the words:
"Considering the external morphology, this specimen belongs to the genus Palliohedyle (the visceral sac of the genus Acochlidium is not undulated but smooth). In literature, there is only one species described, P. weberi. Very nice finding, congratulations!"
The taxonomy of the order Acochlidiacea  Odhner, 1937 is still 'under construction', I follow Jörger et al. (2010) and place it in the superorder Panpulmonata.
Jörger, Stöger, Kano, Fukuda, Knebelsberger & Schrödl (2010).
On the origin of Acochlidia and other enigmatic euthyneuran gastropods, with implications for the systematics
of Heterobranchia.
BMC Evolutionary Biology 10: 323. online at http://www.biomedcentral.com/1471-2148/10/323
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Köhler, E. (2021), published 13 February 2021, Palliohedyle weberi (Bergh, 1895)
available from https://www.Philippine-Sea-Slugs.com/Acochlidiacea/Palliohedyle_weberi.htm


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